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Sensitive surgery saves man from dying of obesity

Suffering from severe breathing problem due to massive obesity, Munish Chadha, 28, underwent a sensitive surgery which if delayed would have proved fatal to him. Chandha, an NGO professional weighing 187 kg, had an ailment wherein he had spells of apnoea. He simply stopped breathing for a few moments when in deep sleep.

Chadha underwent a crucial surgery at the BLK hospital. Dr Deep Goel, Director of Department of Bariatric Surgery, in BLK Hospital who operated Munish said, ‘The day he reported to our OPD, he was lethargic and kept falling asleep in the chair in the waiting area. Apparently he would snore loudly and suddenly stop breathing many times during the night. He needed to be admitted immediately to the emergency and minutes afterwards he crashed and had acute respiratory failure. He was immediately put on a ventilator to support his respiration’.

Before the surgery, doctors had to face the challenge of making his body fit so that it responded to such a surgery being done.

He was further put on ventilator and operated by a team of 10 doctors, which included Dr Deep along with other critical care doctors, anesthetists, lung doctors and surgeons for stomach stapling and hole in wind pipe to help him breathe.

Dr Deep further told that the patient needed to go through chest and breathing exercises to revive him and prepare his body to overcome the risk of the upcoming surgery.

Morbidly obese patients are at increased risk for developing obvious respiratory failure. Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS), which is usually seen in more severe obesity, is characterized by daytime hypercapnia that is the condition where there is too much of carbon dioxide in the blood, an impaired central respiratory drive, and nocturnal hypoventilation. Such people often develop pulmonary hypertension, and respiratory failures.

Munish said, that ‘In almost two weeks, he lost 35 kg and started to walk and climb stairs on his own, doing exercise and breathing on his own without ventilator or oxygen.’

He further said he had breathing problems due to his massive weight and this problem was hampering his professional life as well.

He had consulted various doctors but could not get the right treatment. ‘But here the doctors advised my family that I should undergo laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Though it had a great risk factor but the team of doctors used their expertise to help me overcome the problem and today I am totally fit and able to breathe properly,’ said Munish.
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