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Selena Gomez is incredible: Zedd

DJ Zedd finds pop star rumoured girlfriend Selena Gomez is a fabulous artist to work with. The Clarity hitmaker, who has reportedly been dating the 22-year-old star for a few months now, said she is also a joy to work with, reported People magazine.

Referring to their collaboration on the song I Want You To Know, he said, “(She is) incredible at taking directions, because I actually was in the studio with her.

Singers don’t always take direction well, because sometimes they feel like you get in their zone and I don’t have to be there.

 “She was great, you know, trying to emulate exactly what I wanted to hear and didn’t take anything personally. When I would say, ‘Try this instead of that’, or ‘Give me more vibrato on this one, and a straight note on this one’, she was exactly precise like I asked her to be.” 

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