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Security guards worst-hit by Gurugram’s deadly air

Even as it was Sunday, a holiday for most of corporate offices, there was no respite for Gurugram from the deadly smoggy conditions prevailing in the city ever since Diwali.  

As per the data from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the city not only recorded unsafe levels of PM2.5, there was also unhealthy level of Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Ozone in the city’s air.
The large number of security guards in the city are forced to breathe in unhealthy air. Doing their duty mostly in the open, some of the guards said that working in these conditions caused them immense discomfort. The condition is worse late night and morning, they said.  

Ratan Singh, a security official in DLF Phase-1 area, said, “Every guard has been complaining of the discomfort caused by these conditions. Guards who work in the night and morning shifts are the worst-affected. Problems like burning sensation in eyes, coughing, and difficulty to breathe are some of the major complaints shared by the guards.”    

Singh said that most of his professional colleagues were still not aware of the unhealthy air they were inhaling, “Even as our job requires us to work in the open, most of my colleagues do not wear masks. Many of us still do not realise that we are breathing unhealthy despite symptoms of getting affected by it.”

Shamsher Singh who works at Regency Park condominium at DLF Phase -4 area mentioned that many security guards are taking leaves due to ill health and that the agency will provide masks to the guards.
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