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Sector V feels no effect on bandh as work goes on as usual

Though many IT companies provide pick and drop facilities, there are many firms whose employees need to use public transport to reach their offices. Thus, the effort taken by the state government in ensuring availability of buses and taxis had helped the commuters a lot.

Meenakshi Debnath, an employee of a company at Sector V, said that she comes from Bandel to work in the company and she has to do break journey every day to reach office. Like all other days, the auto-rickshaw from her house to Bandel Station was available and there was no disruption in train services as well. She again got shuttle cars from Bally Halt Station to reach Sector V.

“I felt no difference. Everything was like any other normal days. I just saw in a television in our office that some bandh supports had come out this (Friday) morning. But it had neither affected the route that I take to reach office nor the Salt Lake Sector V route,” she said.

A software engineer, Sourav Bhattacharya, said: “I had been working in Sector V for the past seven years and I had experienced several odd situations during bandhs earlier. 

“Many people used to ask for a lift when I used to come to office by my personal car. I used to give lift to maximum three persons, but I used to feel bad for several others those had to suffer due to lack of public transport on a day of bandh. Today (Friday), I really felt better when I found that not even a single person asked me for a lift.”
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