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Landscaping and gardening are closely associated with each other and a vibrant city like Delhi has a bountiful horticultural variety. Due to space constraints and other climatic conditions, the huge potential of many gardens is often left untapped. Delhi has a rich past; it is a place where age old heritage monuments beautifully coalesce with tall skyscrapers.

One of the great challenges lies in beautifying it in the same merits. Therefore, to cater this Delhi Tourism organises the Garden Festival in the Capital that started off yesterday at Garden of Five Senses. Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriiwal inaugurated the festival yesterdqay.

The overarching theme of the festival is Landscaping with Hanging Plants and one can draw inspiration from the innovative opportunities being provided at the festival to create a garden of one’s own dreams.

Delhi Tourism has been organising this festival in association with Government of Delhi from past 27 years and drawing different yet unique themes each time.

“All climber and hanging plants can completely change the look and feel of a certain surrounding. Not only will they beautify but majorly help in reducing the noise and sound pollution in the city. Some of the plants suggested for Delhi are Neem, Philkan, Alstonia, Kanak Champa, Khirni along with others” says Satish Mathur, a retired director of horticulture at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Besides, showcasing the variety of different plants in Delhi, the Garden Tourism festival aims to usher in a new wave of vibrancy in the tourism circuit of the capital. “Foreign countries have specially designed parks, which cater to the tourists. This festival will be a common ground for plant lovers and stakeholders to create many similar attractions for tourist visiting the capital,” says Ramesh Tiwari, MD & CEO, Delhi Tourism.  The venue for Garden of Five Senses is indeed a special one, which corresponds to the essence of the three-day festival. The 20 acre venue for Garden of Five Senses is indeed a special one. It has more than 325 species of plants. This serene place has various attractions such as court of palm, court of cacti, herbal gardens, tree museum, topiary gardens, Zen gardens, aromatic gardens and butterfly zone.

The concept of gardening needs further popularity and new variety of hanging plants need to be introduced before the people. Besides its underlying theme of hanging plants, the 28th Garden Tourism Festival will also present new and modern gardening equipments. From petrol lawn movers to mechanical trimmers and other equipments will be up for demonstration and sale. Introduce yo28th urself to the art of hanging plants by experimenting with interesting combination of varieties like Jade, Widelia and Wandering Jew, providing a spectrum of attributes to your landscape. Space constraints and contrasting architectural styles can be paralleled by trying box and tray gardens that can easily be put on office desks and window panes. The festival will go beyond natural surprise with delightful cultural performances every evening to enthrall the visitors.
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