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Search begins to choose Britain’s national bird

Search begins to choose Britain’s national bird
On the day Britain discovers who will be the next prime minister, the country will also learn the winner of the bird sitting on the top perch, crowned as the Bird of Britain, Xinhua news agency reported.

Most countries have a national bird, but Britain has never got around to selecting one.

Unofficially, the red-breasted robin is seen by many as the country’s national bird, and it is one of the favourites in the new poll.

From now until May 7, voting day in the general election, people can select their choice from a shortlist of 10.

The bird poll is the idea of urban and wildlife campaigner David Lindo. He has teamed up with wildlife and nature organisations to finally have an official flag-flyer in the bird world.

Lindon said: “In the 1960s the robin was voted the national bird, but nothing has happened. We’ve drawn up a shortlist of 10 from an original list of 60 iconic British birds. After May 7, when our poll closes, we will find out whether the robin has been knocked off its perch.” The 10 hoping to win the votes of the nation are barn owl, blackbird, blue tit, hen harrier, kingfisher, mute swan, puffin, red kite, robin and wren.

Among the other favourites is the swan, which has official royal protection, with all swans in Britain owned by the queen. This royal prerogative dates back centuries to the time when swans were caught and eaten.

Another contender is the blackbird, immortalised in a song of the same name by the iconic rock ‘n roll band, the Beatles.

Lindo said: “With this year signifying the queen’s entry into the record books as Britain’s longest reigning monarch, it would be fitting to mark the occasion with the announcement of Britain’s first official national bird, especially if it’s the swan.” People can vote online at or at official nature reserves across Britain.



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