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SDMC deploys 900 more field workers to control vector-borne diseases

With dengue and chikungunya cases multiplying with every passing day and patients crowding the hospitals, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has deployed 900 additional field workers to control the vector-borne diseases. 

As per official report, in addition to this, the Corporation has been concentrating on all vulnerable colonies under its jurisdiction. In Delhi, till August 20 last year, 530 cases were reported against 311 reported this year during the same period. 

Out of 311 cases reported this year in Delhi, 149 dengue patients came to Delhi for treatment after being bitten by aedes aegypti mosquitoes; hence, 162 cases have been reported from Delhi itself. 44 dengue patients came from UP, 14 from Haryana and 91 from other states.

The Public Health Department has stated: “Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes are responsible for dengue and chikungunya both.” 

The department also stated that breeding checking is on in all the localities especially in all vulnerable colonies. Apart from this, adequate number of men, machines and material have been made available.

Fogging is being done with large TIFA machines and other machines, informed the Corporation.
In South Corporation, last year till August 28, 138 dengue cases were reported whereas, this year 47 cases have been reported during the same period. The Public Health Department stated that there are numerous reasons for reportage of more cases in the South Corporation against other two Corporations in Delhi.

“There are the highest number of unauthorised colonies in the South Corporation wherein water is being supplied on a gap of 7 to 10 days forcing the residents to store drinking water. 

“Most of the residents don’t allow the field staff to enter their houses for checking breeding. The other reasons are lack of better reporting systems and proper treatment facilities in major hospitals situated under the jurisdiction of the South,” said official.

The Public Health Department also stated that the vulnerable colonies are situated in all the four zones of the SDMC. The field workers are regularly going for checking the breeding in all these colonies. Apart from this, awareness about dengue and chikungunya is being disseminated regularly.
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