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Sculpting modern traditions

Sculpting modern traditions
The bronze and fibre-glass sculptures displayed in his recent exhibition - Tradition in Modernity, posit all these characteristics and visual philosophy of his works to the viewers.

 Apart from the bronzes on mythical and humanist subjects in this show there are six pieces of his Kalighat Pat based works, four of which are in coloured fibre glass and two in bronze. Kalighat Pat was developed in 19th century Calcutta around the famous Kalighat temple.

 Asserting traditional roots to appraise contemporary values, both societal and aesthetic, is the essential feature of his sculptures.

Inspirations from predecessors have kindled in him the spark of creativity, which has ultimately brought him to the creation of a series of sculptures under the title The Babu, the Nayika and the Cat  based on the urban-folk forms of the Kalighat Pat paintings.

Sarkar has sculpted the rhythmic distortions of mythical figures from naturalistic conventions in each work. Viewers will find bronze figures meditating, rejoicing and in various other moods. In developing these witty, humorous, lyrically rhythmic yet socially critical forms he has displayed a kind of post-modern value system in the evaluation of a defunct tradition and uses it to transpire some of the intrinsic features of contemporary life.
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