Scuffle breaks out between guest lecturers and police

Visiting faculties of different colleges got engaged in a scuffle with the police when they marched towards Bikash Bhavan at Salt Lake demanding permanent posts in colleges and hike in their remuneration. 

The faculties had been demonstrating since few days for their 8 chartered demands. On Monday they marched towards Bikash Bhavan. 

But police restricted them as there was prohibitory order on assembling of more than 10 people outside Bikash Bhavan.

As a result, a scuffle broke out as the faculties tried to break the security barricades. However, police have to push them back. 

Later, they started a demonstration outside Indira Bhavan. 

They alleged that police had resorted to lathi-charge and four agitators were injured. 

Brushing aside the allegation, the police claimed that the agitators were pushed back as they were trying to break the prohibitory order. 

A senior police officer said that they had prior information about Monday’s rally of the visiting faculties and necessary arrangements were done to avoid any untoward incident. 

A large contingent of police was deployed at a distance of around 500 metre from the main entrance of Bikash Bhavan. Women police officers and constables were also present at the spot. 

The policemen were standing just behind the security barricades and they had to push the agitators when they tried to enter the restricted zone by removing the security barricades.
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