Science Exploration Hall is city’s new attraction

Science Exploration Hall is city’s new attraction
How many of us have a clear idea about what our world was around 4 thousand million years ago and how the human evolution had taken place. Now, the people from the city and outside, especially the school children can get a real feeling of being transported into the prehistoric age once they enter into the newly constructed “Science and Exploration Hall” at Science City.

What is the most exciting about the “Science and Exploration Hall” is the ambience that has been created inside the hall. As soon as one steps into the hall, he/she will feel a sense of awe. With the tinkling of an eye, one can go back to 4 thousand million years ago and the hall would also present the source of the origin of life and how the evolution of life had taken place. The students can also gather the knowledge on how various animals starting from sea fishes, dinosaurs and human beings originated and evolved with the time.

The new facility will offer a new ride ~ Evolution of life : A Dark Ride ~ comprising of 56 robotic animal models divided into seven sections to showcase the milestone events of evolution of life and representative life forms of respective eras.

Visitors shall be taken in a slow moving electric car for this immersive experience accompanied with special light and sound effects. Each section is introduced to the visitors through a special audio-video presentation created with the help of Computer Generated Imagery. There will be a show which will be conducted in one hour showing a panoramic view. Around 100 people con attend in one go. This is for the first time this type of panorama has been using anywhere in the world. To see the panoramic view, the Science City authorities have arranged the automated car with a capacity of carrying 9 persons. The visitors will enter into the cave on this car and while travelling through the cave, the visitors can witness the view on the evolution of life. To make people understand about what is being shown there will advanced sound system based commentary.

Being the first of its kind in the world, it depicts the important milestones during the last 6 million years of human evolution. The show starts with a static panoramic image of size 10 m x 122 m showcasing important events of human evolution.

This is followed by a twelve minutes dynamic film with voiceover in 3 languages on human evolution, projected on a giant cylindrical screen with the help of eight powerful digital projectors, that contains actual shoot from South Africa and India merged with photorealistic computer generated 3D images. Around 9 advanced technology based projectors have been used. 

Apart from this, there are two exhibition halls on the first floor showcasing how modern technology and gadgets function. This is beyond doubt that the new show will be one of the main attractions in the city.


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