Save your bling!

Save your bling!
It’s time to rethink about your expensive studded jewellery which is more prone to scratches and dirt in the rainy season. Moisture level has touched heights affecting metal alloy used in jewellery. 

However we have few simplest ways to keep your jewellery safe against weather odds. These are here.

If it is diamond, sapphire, ruby or cubic Zirconia, just relax and forget to take care your jewels as these stunning jewels do not need much care. Whenever you feel them dirty, get them clean rinsing in mild soapy water.

Gold and platinum are regarded as neutral metals that mean less care, less worry and lots of happiness. However gold jewellery is resistant to be oxidized but it catches dirt quickly when it is kept in humidity. Apply warm soapy water and get it clean.

Silver has a tendency to turn black and in monsoon it needs more care to stop corrosion. To clean your silver jewellery, either wash it using toothpaste and a soft cotton cloth or alternatively take it to a jeweller for 'silver dip' to keep it shiny.

Avoid wearing delicate jewellery in the rain. If you can’t, make sure you dry them thoroughly before keeping them back in the jewellery boxes.

Organic jewels such as pearls, amber and coral should be kept in a separate box and must not be mixed with other gemstones to shield them against scratches. These gemstones need proper attention due to their organic substances. Therefore, it’s better to clean them regularly to feature sparkling look for a longer period.

As the moisture hurts metals, it would be better to store them in airtight containers as well as keeping silica in your jewellery box to absorb the excess humidity. The technique offers less oxygen to the metal to react. Of course, now we have branded airtight containers that can keep your jewellery in a near vacuum atmosphere. So spend few more bucks to buy such jewellery boxes to store costly accessories.


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