Satyabala ID Hospital to get a new lease of life

Satyabala ID Hospital to get a new lease of life
An initiative to renovate the hospital, which is situated in Howrah, was essential as it is the only centre for the treatment of infectious diseases after the Beliaghata ID Hospital. 

In a bid to renovate the hospital, an amount of Rs 50 lakh was sanctioned from the MLA lad of Asok Ghosh, MLA of North Howrah Assembly constituency. The money was sanctioned in the past five years.

Local people had requested the MLA to improve the infrastructure of the hospital soon after the change of guard in the state as the hospital used to remain water logged for around two weeks after a heavy shower. 

Moreover, tall grasses had grown on the ground in front of the hospital and had turned it to a breeding ground of snakes. During day time cows were found grazing in the ground. Interestingly, there was no gate at the entry and exit point of the hospital. Thus a section of bus operators had turned the ground in front of the hospital to a parking lot. 

Believe it or not, during the erstwhile Left Front government, the pond inside the hospital was leased out to a close aide of a local CPI(M) leader for pishiculture. 

The situation was such that the district administration had faced a lot of trouble to make a way for common people to reach to the hospital building from the main gate. 

The renovation work of the hospital had started a few months ago and the work would be completed within a month. 

The one-storey hospital building has now turned into a two-storey building. The construction work of the building has been completed. But, before initiating the construction work, the entire ground was cleaned and steps were taken to beautify the ground. Initiative has been taken to turn the ground to a garden.  The bank of the pond has also been decorated.

The condition of the hospital was such that people had almost stopped bringing their closed ones there for treatment. People had a feeling that condition of a person will further deteriorate if they take a sick person to the hospital as they may get affected by malaria or dengue after being bitten by mosquitoes. But the situation is going to be totally different soon. Steps have been taken to keep the place clean and avoid water logging.    

There was no waiting room for relatives of patients. A concrete shade has been constructed where relatives of patients from now onward can take shelter. For the convenience of the people a pay and use toilet has also been constructed.   

The entire premises will be properly illuminated with the help of Howrah Municipal Corporation. The premises were handed over by the then owner Satyabala Devi to the state government in 1974 to set up a hospital. 

The ID hospital was set up within a year after the property was hand over. But it was alleged that no initiative was taken since then to maintain its standard.  

Asok Ghosh, the local MLA, said: “Several people had approached me with a request to improve the condition of the hospital here. Thus efforts were taken to develop the infrastructure of the ID hospital, where people from different parts Howrah and adjoining districts come for treatment."

Face lift
Existing state After upgradation
One-storeyed hospital building Two-Storeyed hospital building
5 beds                                          20 beds
Poorly illuminated ground         Beautification of the ground
Ill maintained pond                 Beautification of banks of the pond

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