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Saroj Khan: Actresses now don't like to work with me

It's hard to think that Saroj Khan -- one of the most popular and veteran choreographers in the Hindi film industry, who has been working from Nutan's era -- was recently out of work. In fact, this year, she has choreographed only three songs so far -- Gun Guna in Agneepath, Dil Mera Mukt Ka in Agent Vinod and one in the upcoming Rowdy Rathore. Khan spoke to Patcy N about her long career, how dance worsened through the years, how choreographers these days cannot compose dance, and much more. To read about what she thinks of the stars in the industry, click here. Her Childhood I was born in 1948. My father was a rich, educated man in Pakistan so he did not have the habit of working. When they left Pakistan, they lost everything and became very poor. My father later developed cancer and could not work. I come from an orthodox family but I turned out to be a freak! I used to see my shadow and dance. My mother thought I was a retard and took me to a doctor who told her 'she just wants to dance, so let her dance.' The doctor suggested that she put me in the film industry since my family needed money. I was the oldest of four sisters and one brother. I had to take care of everyone in the house.
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