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Sarada Math’s senior nun passes away

Pravrajika Biswaprana Mataji, vice president of Sarada Math and Sarada Mission died in the city late Saturday evening.

She was 89 years old and had been suffering from various ailments for quite some time.

She joined the Nivedita Girls School as a teacher in 1950. She took sannayasa after Sri Sarada Math came up in 1954. In 2013, she became the vice president of the order.

Mataji was a very soft spoken woman and was extremely popular for her simplicity and sharp sense of discipline.

After joining the order, Mataji was busy spreading education among girls, many of whom had come to the city as refugees from East Pakistan. In addition to giving formal education to the girls, she was giving them non formal education like stitching and knitting and took classes on traditional Indian scriptures.

She had studied Indian Philosophy under the guidance of  scholars  in traditional schools.  In her life, she could blend knowledge and work which had earned respect of students, colleagues and fellow nuns.

She will be remembered by her students and nuns of the order for her love and affection for them. Hundreds of followers gathered at the Sarada Math on Sunday morning to pay their last respects to the departed soul after which her body was cremated. Devotees also came to Nivedita School to pay their respects. 
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