Millennium Post

Unification of Karnataka - I

3 Oct 2020 5:28 PM GMT
Born of an inward-looking linguistic movement, the formation of a unified Karnataka State was initially impeded by staunch opposition from the territory of Mysore

Saga of Sikkim-II

26 Sep 2020 4:17 PM GMT
The second of the two-part part article tells the story of the final days of the Choygal Dynasty and questions whether things could have gone differently for the unpopular ruler

Saga of Sikkim-I

19 Sep 2020 4:42 PM GMT
The first of the two-part article recounts the spectacular fall from grace of the last ‘Choygal’ King and how this process sparked the eventual transition of Sikkim to becoming a full-fledged Indian state

Loveliest & loneliest frontier

12 Sep 2020 4:48 PM GMT
A land with a heritage as varied as it is ancient, Arunachal Pradesh followed a largely atypical path — with little to no regional aspiration — to achieving eventual statehood

Mizoram: from UT to State

5 Sep 2020 4:36 PM GMT
Unfulfilled political aspirations following the declaration of Mizoram as a Union territory erupted in armed conflict that ultimately led to its transition to a full-fledged state

Statehood for Meghalaya

29 Aug 2020 6:39 PM GMT
Initially envisaged as an autonomous district, Meghalaya’s achieved statehood after a series of long, contentious and ultimately unsuccessful negotiations between the APHLC and the Assam Congress

Ethnic aspirations in Manipur and Tripura: II

22 Aug 2020 4:39 PM GMT
Demographic transitions in Tripura post-Independence saw the ethnic tribes become a minority in their own State, setting off ethnic tensions that have taken decades to begin mending

Whims of history

17 Aug 2020 3:51 PM GMT
Through peculiar twists and turns of history, Nadia, Murshidabad and Malda in WB raise the Tricolour in celebration of independence three days after the rest of the nation

Ethnic aspirations in Manipur & Tripura: I

8 Aug 2020 4:29 PM GMT
Decades of ethnic conflict and tensions in the states of Manipur and Tripura post-Independence finally culminated in the involved groups finally reaching a compromise

The whole truth about Himachal

1 Aug 2020 5:38 PM GMT
The story behind the formation of Himachal Pradesh is often obscured by half-truths that belie the long-held aspirations and struggles of the people of the region to have their own state in a democratic India

Maha Punjab, Punjabi Suba & Haryana

25 July 2020 5:06 PM GMT
Furore over the suggestions made by the SRC Report regarding the ultimate fate of the State of Punjab culminated in the establishment of unilingual Punjab, alongside the foundation of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh

The partitions of Punjab

18 July 2020 5:50 PM GMT
The formation of the unilingual State of Punjab was the result of a brutal and tragic partition of the erstwhile British Province of Punjab, a process that eventually gave birth to three Indian states and a union territory
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