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Samuel used women journos to honeytrap the powerful

Samuel used women journos to honeytrap the powerful
Narada News portal editor Mathew Samuel was recently caught in his own web for using a lady colleague for sexually inducing Kerala’s former top bureaucrat with the release of the duo’s conversational tape.

Some official from Kerala Police has taped Mathew’s phone conversation with the lady journalist after her sexcapade with the former IAS officer. In the tape the lady journalist shares sordid details of her sexual escapade with the top official with her boss Mathew Samuel. The conversations expose how Samuel was using women to sexually induce and blackmail top officials. The talks believed to have happened in early 2016 during Congress regime in Kerala and also discusses plans to induce a Muslim League Minister and get certain files sanctioned.

This expose of blackmailing in the garb of journalism by Mathew Samuel and his lady colleague of Narada News portal was first reported by a Malyalam portal Daily Indian Herald. The portal uploaded the audio of duo’s conversations in their mother tongue Malayalam:

The sleazy details in the transcript of the conversations clearly exposes how Narada’s Samuel perfected blackmail journalism using women journalists and sex workers. Mathew Samuel was the arranger of women to military officers and Defence Ministry for the erstwhile Tehelka Magazine’s sting operation conducted by Tarun Tejpal and Aniruddha Bahal in early 2000.

In the audio tape the lady scribe shares her sexual encounters with influential officials and other racketeering activities with her boss Mathew Samuel and plan the future course of action. The conversation shows that Mathew Samuel and lady colleague were planning how to extract their pound of flesh after honey trapping officials and ministers. The talks show both were engaged in blackmailing and making a fast buck.

The conversations blow the lid off Samuel’s blackmailing business using women journalists. The  lady journalist is from Kerala, but based in Delhi like her boss. 

Her association with Samuel dates back to early 2014, when Samuel became Tehelka editor after the unceremonious exit of Tejpal and gang. Samuel was brought to Tehelka by major shareholder and Trinamool Congress MP cum businessman KD Singh.

In early 2016, Samuel started Narada News portal by airing a sting operation against several TMC MPs allegedly accepting cash during the 2014 Lok Sabha election season and published in March 2016, when the state was going to Assembly elections.  The TMC MPs targeted were KD Singh’s rivals in the party. After this sting, he became closed to the CPI(M) leadership and also widened operations in Kerala and the Gulf region.

Samuel landed in Delhi in the mid 80s and was a regular at the Congress headquarters in Delhi and mostly seen with several Kerala MPs. He was associated with journalist Aniruddha Bahal’s sting operations of Tehelka in defence scams. 

Samuel was the arranger of prostitutes to conduct sting on several military officers and Tehelka became became a success, Samuel then forayed into journalism. 

The latest expose shows that Samuel continues his blackmailing business and using women to sexually induce people in the garb of journalism.


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