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Samsung ready to make ‘Internet of Things’ science a realty soon

With an aim to provide a new level of experience to consumers, Korean electronics major Samsung plans to interconnect all its products, from home appliances to mobile phones in the next five years.

Internet of Things (IOT) is the next buzz word for Samsung Electronics. It hopes that using advanced sensors, which precisely understand a person's surrounding environment, it can offer the right solution or service.

"IoT is ready to go... It's not science fiction anymore,  it’s science fact," Samsung Electronics CEO P K Yoon said while delivering the keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show here. Explaining how the IoT would work, Yoon said that if a consumer takes off his earphones after reaching home, IoT can automatically start up the music playing in earphone through the home speaker system.

He said all of Samsung's IoT devices will be open, which means that a device will be able to connect and receives sensors from any other IoT device that wants to connect.

"Without this kind of openness, there won't be an Internet of Things because the things will not fit together," Yoon said.

Announcing a timetable for enabling IoT, Yoon said by 2017 all Samsung televisions will have the technology and in five years all Samsung hardware, for products ranging from TV, refrigerators, washing machine, microwave, besides data storage devices and smart phones, will be IoT-ready.

Yoon envisages that in the next five years the company would be able to form IOT technology through which devices can act on senses instead of being manually directed.

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