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Saluting the stalwarts

The gradual evolution of modernism in India in the post-independence era is a unique tale of artistic endeavors. Unending struggles and progression of vision against all odds by the artistes to give birth to and deliver their individualistic language/s in art that made them the great masters of Indian art of the twentieth century. The artworks of these masters thus stand on their own to mark the emblematic journeys of each creator. The empowerment and enlightenment they could attain in their lifetime is far beyond the realm of material success and social recognition. Even in the second decade of the 21st century, the relevance of modernism is as apt and significant in the field of visual arts as it was at the time of its inception.

Aakriti Art Gallery have organised a show showcasing the works of such masters of visual arts in India along with a few young creators who are steadily making their way into the field, in this edition of the India Art Fair 2015.

Works of the stalwarts of Indian visual arts - Ram Kumar, Jogen Chowdhury, Satish Gujral and Partha Pratim Deb will be showcased. Sculptures by Akhil Chnadra Das, Asim Basu, Subrata Biswas and Tapas Biswas will be on exhibit. Thus, the whole idea is to generate a gamut of different genres of modern Indian art and its due course of progress into post-modern and henceforth. The display will be a blend of various flavours to cater its audience with the best of tenets that Indian art has so far created and nurtured.

On one hand, if it’s the power and magic of distorted lines and stokes by Jogen Chowdhury, on the other it will a romantic blend of shades and different moods of nature in semi-real abstract forms which Ram Kumar is best known for. Again where there will be poetic tales of life and death, bonding and partition with figures and solid patches of opaque colours on large canvases depicting the greater philosophy of life by Satish Gujral, there will also be subtle nuances of day-to-day living, anguishes in disguise and the critique to subjugation in Partha Pratim Deb’s vivid experimentation with different mediums on the canvas plane.

The sculpture section by these young sculptors are made by through their execution in different materials and mediums – wood, metal and stone and so on. From devising the tales from myths and folklore by Subrata Biswas experimenting with metal, we will get to observe the finesse of sculpting in great volumes inTapas Biswas’s works who gives voice to the crisis of mankind and the nation through his execution. It will be a set of experimentation by Asim Basu in his sculpting style and Akhil Chandra Das who has been explicitly dealing with organic reality and the essence of human values in his sculptures will add another dimension in the new series of works to be showcased in the India Art Fair.
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