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Salman Khurshid issued notice for his ‘jurassic’ remark against AAP

Salman Khurshid issued notice for his ‘jurassic’ remark against AAP
Additional Sessions Judge Harvindar Singh issued the notice on Friday on a review petition filed by AAP member, advocate Poonam Chand Bhandari, directing the external affairs minister to appear before the court, or through his counsel, on 5 March.

Bhandari, who is AAP’s state Lokpal, said in his complaint that Khurshid last month called the Aam Admi Party as foul smelling, ‘anarchist’ with ‘jurassic’ ideas out to destroy the system.

Bhandari had filed defamation complaint against Khurshid in a lower court which was rejected on 10 February following which he moved the review petition in the sessions court and the notice was issued on Saturday.

In his scathing attack on AAP, Khurshid on 15 January dubbed it as ‘anarchist’ with ‘Jurassic’ ideas out to destroy the system and also with some of the ‘worst, stinking, third grade’ people across the country.

‘They are Jurassic. They smell of anarchy. They just demean everything that has been time-tested. They ridicule anything. They question and demean anything... AAP is a real threat to our system. They are anarchist. They want to destroy the system. They are anarchist either by choice or by ignorance,’ Khurshid had told a private television news channel.

‘AAP has some of the worst, third grade people across the country. I have been to districts where I have found that the worst stinking persons are the first to join the AAP...they are lucky today because every stink is described as a fragrance for good for them,’ Khurshid had said.

Now, Khurshid dubs Kejriwal as runaway groom

Taking a dig at Aam Aadmi Party, Union minister Salman Khurshid on Sunday said that Congress supported Arvind Kejriwal and gave him eight MLAs in ‘dowry’ but what could be done if the ‘groom’ fled away.

‘We have supported Kejriwal and gave him eight MLAs in dowry...What can we do if the ‘dulha’ (groom) fled away,’ the external affairs minister said here.

He dismissed the allegation that Congress collided with BJP against Kejriwal government in Delhi.
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