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Salman case: Prosecution to lead evidence of two key witnesses

In a move to bolster its case, the prosecution in the 2002 hit-and-run mishap involving Bollywood actor Salman Khan on Monday filed an application in the trial court saying it wanted to lead the evidence of two crucial witnesses, who are currently unavailable, to the court. While one of the witnesses is the police bodyguard of the actor who had filed the complaint in this case, the other is a doctor who had conducted postmortem of the person who was killed in the accident.

According to prosecutor Pradeep Gharat, the bodyguard, Ravindra Patil, passed away during the trial after giving a statement to a magistrate that he had warned Salman not to drive rashly or else he would meet with an accident but the actor did not heed to his advice. Another witness Dr Sanap, who had conducted the postmortem, has settled down in USA and therefore he is not available to the prosecution. However, he had given a statement to the magistrate earlier on the postmortem. The statements of both these crucial witnesses were recorded by a magistrate during the trial. However, the case was transferred by the magistrate to the sessions court in 2013 after the charge of culpable homicide was invoked against Salman.

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