SAIL’s BSP mill produces high-end TMT bars to compete in market

One of SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant’s oldest mills, set up and commissioned in Febraury 1960 with the help of Russians - the Merchant Mill (MM) has over the years improvised operations and introduced process improvements to roll out exactly what customers of this highly competitive section of the market are demanding today. Steel with the right chemistry and strength for big power and irrigation projects, bridges and structures as well as highrise buildings coming up in seismic and corrosion  prone areas is on high demand.

Besides, continuing to meet requirement of structural steel for major customers such as L&T and for NTPC’s thermal power installations, light structurals and TMT bars produced in the mill have been instrumental in supporting various important nation building projects.

All TMT bars that the plant’s Merchant Mill rolls out are with earthquake-resistant properties. Additionally, HCR or high-corrosion resistant properties are also provided to meet customer needs.

While Merchant Mill’s entire TMT production is of EQR variety, more sections have been added. The Mill was the first to produce corrosion-resistant variety of TMT EQR Rebar. The Plant has supplied required grade of structural steel for the Bandra-Worli Sea Link and numerous other infrastructure projects including dams and bridges, high tension transmission towers, skyscrapers etc.

Even as large infrastructure projects are now lined up all over the country, the Merchant Mill collective along with the entire workforce of Bhilai Steel Plant has geared up to fulfill their share of contribution in nation-building. The Plant’s Merchant Mill has been given orders to supply TMT Bars and light structurals for various projects of national importance.

BARC’s Mumbai project is one such project of great importance for nation for which TMT bars are being supplied by the Mill.


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