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Ryan Gosling magnetic, feels Gillian Anderson

Actress Gillian Leigh Anderson has confessed her liking for The Notebook star Ryan Gosling and says she would love to work with him in a romantic film. The 45-year-old actress puts Gosling, 33, in
the same league with Hollywood hunks like Tom Hardy and Bradley Cooper because she feels he
has the same magnetic effect on people, reports

When asked who would she want to work with in a romantic movie, she said: ‘I do have a healthy appreciation for Ryan Gosling. I don’t know what it is. I haven’t met him, but I read something recently that said that from the moment he walked into a room, nobody could concentrate on anything else.’
‘I think some men do have that effect. Bradley Cooper has it, and Tom Hardy, who I think is one of the most extraordinary actors of our time,’ she added.
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