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Rusty comes alive once again!

Rusty comes alive once again!
So many of us have either grown up reading Ruskin Bond, or have made our children read him. Just as famous was Laxman’s Swami, Bond’s Rusty  has also touched and inspired many hearts. But just as reading habits are diminishing, one must not stay away from the joy of being associated with the ever smiling author’s stories. Doordarshan just made it easier by launching Ek tha Rusty – III .
The series would take the viewers to the wonderful meadows of Mussoorie being walked by the handsome 33 year old Uday (Rusty). The stories stem directly from the stories by Bond.
Mostly picked up from the book Maharani, Shubhadarshini Singh, the director and producer of the series, says she has adapted the story to fit the character of a 30 year old Rusty but has kept the plot similar to the original stories.  The country has already seen the younger version of Rusty. But this time, the show has a new punch to itself.

‘The serial is no longer for kids. It is for everyone. It has all the elements of love, betrayal, murder and mystery. Earlier it was age specific but now it is for everyone. It has been extremely difficult in managing the revenue for the production of the show,’ says the director. She spoke of how Ruskin Bond helped her by being a constant encouragement. Also, you should look out for Bond’s granddaughter! One can also see many animals starring in the series.

All thanks to the author’s and director’s love for them. So much so, you will get to see Singh’s dogs playing many roles in the show! What a delight it must be... We all miss Swami. Don’t we? Tripurari Sharan, director general, Doordarshan said that they do broadcast the older Malgudi Days, but can’t promise if a newer version would come out soon. However, he mentioned the launch of a new channel only for kids. We are looking forward to it. Who isn’t tired of Doraemon and Shin Chan?

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