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Rustom deals with a rarity

Rustom deals with a rarity
After delivering two blockbusters, Neeraj Pandey and Akshay Kumar duo is back to entertain the audience. At a recent press conference held in the national Capital, Akshay Kumar, along-with Illena D’cruz, Esha Gupta and the producer of the movie Neeraj Pandey were seen for the promotion of their upcoming crime mystery Rustom.

When asked his choices in playing defence characters, Akshay said, “My father was in Army so there was once upon a time it could have been possible that I would have been in merchant navy but things didn’t work out the way they were supposed to and something else was written in my destiny so here I am”.

Elaborating on the negative character which she is playing in the movie and her inhibitions regarding the same, actor Esha Gupta said “ I didn’t have any inhibitions and I give all credit to the director as far as the acting is concerned. I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I want to be a negative or whether this is the right choice and that was the time I asked Akshay that should I do this role apart from a couple of other people”.

“Priyanka had played in Aitraaz, Aishwarya in Khakee and people really appreciated their work and Priyanka even got lot of awards so I am not aiming one that but ofcourse we all want that. So yeah its going to be something different and exciting for me to play the negative”, she added.

How difficult was it to play a role like this, she liked the challenging role and the uncertainity that the character had about in it. She also admitted that she has not seen the movie yet.’ I looked it as a very challenging role to play and it had been a very long time since my last film Happy Ending released and I just wanted it to be a very good one. It gives me a lot of pride to do such a role and I relied completely on Tinu and he was immensely supportive.

Neeraj said, he is really proud of the nature of the story was also extraordinary with multiple challenges.he is a better man. And he is the kind of producer who is never on sets. As a director we have all seen him, and in both the films i.e. special 26 and baby directed by him are very close to his heart. On being asked about his recent comment in which he said, that the women in India would like this movie, the-year-old actor said, that on seeing the movie himself he thought the subject would be appealing to women. And that by stop marriages he meant that it is a small attempt like OMG after that people stopped pouring milk and oil on the idols of God so if he succeeds it’ll be very great.

Talking about the subject of the film, Akshay took examples of the rare subject of Airlift, saying that the movie is a way by which to keep the audience interested about it. I have been very lucky to keep changing my roles, and not stick to one kind of image and I consider myself lucky. That the director was very particular about the way the 3 looked.

About the clash of the movie, with Mohen Jo Daro, Illena D’cruz that she would prefer watching her own movie first but that she would love to watch Mohen Jo daro and that the subject is beautiful. Akshay said, its a big weekend, and that as history has always said, that two films,can be adjusted so I don't think both the films would have any problem.”

Talking about playing the leading ladies in the industry, and to carry off a movie, Illena said, movies which are entirely female centric, or a strong woman character, she was flattered to get a role like this which is so challenging, and that playing is a huge responsibility which she would love to do and that she relies on directors very strongly.

On being asked if he faces a situation in which he discovers that his partner is cheating on him, what would be his reaction? Akshay answered, its’all about that moment and you never know anything can happen that's my idea.

What makes you cast him again and again? Pandey said, ‘he fits the bill more than anything else.


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