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Russian inspectors to patrol US skies

Russian inspectors to patrol US skies
Russia’s inspectors will make observation flights over the United States within the framework of the Open Skies Treaty from 8 October to 22 October, the press service of the Defence Ministry said.

‘Two observation flights on board Russia’s Tupolev Tu-154-M-Lk-1 plane will be made. The mission will be carried out from the Air Force bases – Wright-Patterson and Travis,’ the source said.

The flights will take place along the routes coordinated by the sides. Russian and US specialists on board will examine the observance of agreements on the use of surveillance means.

‘This will be Russia’s 30th and 31st observation flights over territories of the Treaty’s signatory countries this year,’ the press service said.

British inspectors, in turn, will patrol skies over Russia’s territory on board the Swedish SAAB OS-100 observation aircraft from 8 October to 12 October.

‘The plane will take off from the Kubinka airfield near Moscow. The maximum flight distance is 5,500 kilometres,’ the source said.
The Treaty on Open Skies was signed back in 1992. Among signatories are 34 countries. The observation flights encompass the territories of Canada, the United States, Europe and Russia.    


Russia offered the US to combine efforts in predicting large-scale earthquakes, an official said on Monday. ‘We must pool efforts in earthquake forecasting. Russia, just as the United States, already has certain achievements in this respect,’ Vladislav Bolov, director of the Russian Ministry for Emergencies all-Russia emergency management centre, said on Monday. Speaking at a session of the Russia-US Presidential Commission’s working group on cooperation in emergency management, Bolov suggested that a programme be drawn up for the forecasting of strong earthquakes, primarily for the Pacific Ocean area, through the use of various technologies. Strong earthquakes gain in scope of late but no one can forecast them so far.


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