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Rural health scheme in the doldrums

The central government’s rural health scheme has now come under the scanner. The scheme is not meant to enrich the coffers of those in power. Yet that is what seems to be happening. This rural health scheme has been in the doldrums for some time now. The Congress has been playing it up as one of the great successes of the last five years.

Yet now charges of corruption have come up in this scheme as well. The health ministry has no credibility left.  It had claimed that this spurious scheme had benefited millions of people but now it appears that the funds meant for it have not reached the people.

The nexus between the middlemen of the rulers and the corrupt dealers of medicine flourishes despite this scam having been exposed long ago, as far back as five years, when this government began experimenting with the health ministry’s tried and tested methods of healing the rural population.

The poor have nor been left without access to any medicines. Some of the health schemes initiated by the NDA were indeed good. To change those just to gain a political point over its rival is not ethical on the part of the governing party.

It shows a lack of sensitivity for the poor people in the villages. The poor state of health care in the country can be guaged from the fact that no one from the rich or powerful class trusts hospitals here for treatment anymore and rush abroad for treatment, often on government expense or as a benefit from foreign governments.

There is no accounting for these foreign trips and the money that should have been spent on the rural poor goes for funding these VIP trips abroad.
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