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Rudy flies Sukhoi, performs aerial acrobatics

Rudy flies Sukhoi, performs aerial acrobatics
BJP leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy on Thursday flew in Sukhoi-30 MKI, the frontline fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force at Aero India 2015 air show here. “It was quite an experience, flying a robust machine which is one of the most versatile fifth generation fighter aircraft. Probably I am the only public figure who has flown a Sukhoi,” Rudy, who holds a commercial pilot licence, told PTI here.

Rudy, who is used to flying commercial flights, said the sortie was all about speed, power and precision which tested his endurance.

“Unlike commercial flight, undergoing this kind of sortie was challenging as it tests yours endurance. The flight was all about speed, power and precision,” he added.

A former Civil Aviation Minister, Rudy said he flew along with Wing Commander A N Karulkar based in Tejpur for an hour and ten minutes extending up to 35 kilometers and reaching the height of 22,000 feet, in the surrounding areas of Yelahanka air station.

Rudy said he and his co-pilot displayed difficult gravity defying manoeuvres including tumbles, loops, swoops flicks and rolls, for 38 minutes.

“We displayed four loops, one tumble, a yak, two barrel rolls and three rolls, among other manoeuvres, for 38 minutes in the sky,” he added.

Rudy, who was in a G-suit and appropriately attired for the sortie, underwent basic physical fitness tests.

“I wore G-suit for the flight and underwent basic physical fitness tests including blood pressure, vision, colour blindness and heart condition,” he said.

Rudy paid salutations to the Aero India event which gives an opportunity for the Indian Air Force to display its air prowess.
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