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Ruckus over reservation

The social issues that are being agitated against on the streets have not been fully discussed in Parliament. This is not the time to take to the streets. The issue of reservation in promotion does not affect the social base of the Congress. It is not clear why the Congress is bent upon introducing the reservation issue in Parliament though it is not even election time yet. The Congress has not yet even implemented the common programme that it had promised the people of India. The Congress has introduced the culture of introducing Bills in Parliament even without discusions.

Despite the resolutions that it passes and the common minimum programme that it has introduced in Parliament it has not even acted upon these.It should not have introduced the Promotion Bill in Parliament if it was not ready to discuss the issue. The government servants of India are not meant to be discriminated against. The reservation issue is highly contentious. The reservation issue that is being agitated against on the streets has just not been argued on both sides. There is a stillness and silence on the streets inspite of the minor disruptions by mostly small disaffected parties. The issue of promotions is one that can disrupt the unity of India. It is as dangerous as a time-bomb which can explode any time.

The issue of reservations, not even discussed in Parliament has already dissuaded many competent civil servants from joining the IAS. The IAS examination remains the most prestigious subject of discussion in India. This examination is the most difficult entrance test. The violence on the streets is not expected to lead to any fruitful discussions between the contesting parties. The promotions being discussed as avenues to the future are not likely to lead there. Even the beneficiaries of this reservation are not likely to get any benefits from this move. The issue mostly concerns north India where the reservation policy has already been implemented particularly in the most backward states. Even this has not led to any improvement in how the government functions.
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