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Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan

Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan
She promised electoral reforms, transparency and a corruption-free India in the manifesto which she officially released for the Lok Sabha elections.

She lambasted the Congress, the BJP and the CPI (M) saying that they have lost their credibility and roti, kapda and makaan will be her party’s focus for the betterment of the people in India.‘Our manifesto is for a dynamic India. Our manifesto is people-friendly, industry-friendly and agriculture-friendly,’ she said.

While stressing for an urgent need for electoral reforms, she vouched for state funding of elections as part of the fight against corruption. Her party’s manifesto also called for judicial and administrative reforms. On the context of judicial and administrative reforms, she said, ‘Our party believes in the fundamental values and traditions of India. It should be honoured. We have to work with the youth and poor people of the country.’

The AITC manifesto is divided into two parts including one with a ‘vision for India’ and the other detailing with the party’s vision for Bengal.

Mamata said, ‘Everything is there in the manifesto. Starting from the economy to external affairs, we have tried to give a blueprint of our policies before the nation and we will implement all the policies if a Trinamool Congress-led government comes to power.’

On the BJP, she said, ‘They are to be blamed them for causing riots. They are responsible for riots and communal tension in India. Our party believes in secularism and therefore we want to prevent such force from coming to power. We believe that to reach the goal of corruption-free politics, the time has come for the nation to adopt government funding of elections which is already functioning in many nations of the world, including UK, Germany, France, Russian Republic, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa, Norway and Denmark.’ She claimed that her party will implement ‘Banking For All’ so that there will be no un-banked villages in the country.

While expressing her anger over the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, she said, ‘Bifurcation of states in India can take place only after such proposals are cleared by the concerned state government. But it was not happened in case of Telengana.’

While hinting at Gorkhaland, Mamata mentioned in her manifesto that, ‘The hill people of our nation need a helping hand. In addition to Seven Sisters and the other three hill states of North India, a special scheme will be introduced for the remaining hill people, including those of Darjeeling.’

Without naming the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), she said: ‘Nowadays, people are even taking money for lunch and dinner. There are different prices for different seats. If you sit in front you pay more... maybe they had different prices for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, different rates for plain water and coloured water.’
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