Romance with a hint of suspense

Romance with a hint of suspense
Old age is often accompanied by loneliness and despair. The pangs of loneliness that hit one in old age are not just indicative of the general state of despondency and feeling of hopelessness amongst the elderly but are also glimpses into the grave afflictions of the heart and the soul. 

Staged at Shri Satya Sai Auditorium in the national Capital, the play Mr and Mrs Murarilal, casts light on some grim issues which our society does not delve into. The play is about old age and loneliness, and also caves into the generation gap problem between parents and children.

The play revolves around Mr and Mrs Murarilal who have been portrayed by Satish Kaushik and Meghna Malik respectively. Mr Murarilal is a middle aged man who used to be a cook in the army. During a midnight stroll in the park, the couple gets into a verbal altercation with the guard. The play gets interesting when the couple, while trying to teach the guard about the important things of life, end up sharing many disturbing truths about each other.

Mr and Mrs Murarilal, somehow, manage to find joy in the smallest of things. They even pretend to be Salim and Anarkali for a while and delirious with joy, desire to spend all their time in each other’s company. At the surface, both the characters seem to be happy but they are not the people they purport to be. Deep inside, they are sad and are overcome with the feeling of loneliness, which dawns upon one when he/she is unmarried or his/her better half is long gone. 

The twist in the tale is revealed when it turns out that Mr and Mrs Murarilal are not married.

A delightful combination of heart rending moments and entertaining dance sequences, the play climaxes in a most exciting manner and is worth watching. Satish Kaushik, as usual, was in his spontaneous and energetic avatar. The non chalant character of Mr Murarilal at the beginning of the play, gradually turns into a mature and comprehensive character. Meghana Malik, who is well known for ‘Naa Aana Is Des Laado’ has done justice to her character. 

Written and directed by Saif Hyder Hasan, Mr and Mrs Murarilal is a beautifully staged play, which touches one’s heart. The play is a must watch for the brilliant performances, and above all, its heart rending suspense.
Shashwat Sajal

Shashwat Sajal

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