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Roll back demonetisation move, apologise to public: Kejriwal to PM

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation drive yet again on Sunday.

Asserting that the November 8 demonetisation had caused immense hardships to people across the country, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor asked PM Modi to shed “arrogance” and withdraw the scheme that has led to a severe cash crunch. 

Addressing media persons, Kejriwal also demanded an apology from the Prime Minister for causing inconvenience to the common people who are in a ‘state of panic’ after government’s surprise move to demonetise higher denominations of currency notes.

“PM Modi has mocked them and must apologise. I have received a lot of calls, there is a sense of panic among people after PM’s speech in Goa,” the Delhi CM said while addressing media in the national capital.

He also warned that if the cash crisis continued, it could lead to law and order issues. “There is still time, take back this decision before the law and order situation further deteriorates,” he said, adding that: “The government has no roadmap whatsoever.” 

He said there was utter chaos across the country as people were mobbing banks to either exchange or deposit old currency notes. "Do you find black marketers in queues? Or rich people? Those in the queues are traders, rickshawpullers, autorickshaw drivers, farmers, workers. Are these the people with black money?"

Asserting that Modi should put those with illegal Swiss bank accounts behind bars,  Kejriwal said the introduction of Rs 2,000 note would make life convenient only for bribe-payers and takers. 

"I urge the Prime Minister to take back his November 8 decision" to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes as it has created huge problems for the ordinary people, an aggressive Kejriwal said.

Addressing a public gathering in Goa, the PM had said that the ongoing crisis and crash crunch would be over in another 50 days. “This suffering is only for 50 days. Once there is cleanliness (swachhata), not even a mosquito can fly. .... This is a 70-year old disease and I have to remove it in 70 months,” he said. 

Kejriwal added: “Does this mean that the markets will remain closed for the next 50 days? How can farmers survive? Will people keep standing in queues for 50 days? He is only giving an emotional speech.” 

The Delhi Chief Minister said attacked PM’s statement saying that asking the people to undergo the crisis for another 50 days is no less than making a mockery of their situation.

Asking the Prime Minister to stop "natakbazi" (drama), Kejriwal said, “If he (PM) is really serious about the issue, then he must take strict action against his corporate friends”.

Kejriwal added: "Once you jail the corrupt, corruption will automatically end. But first roll back this decision. Give up your pride. You can re-introduce the scheme later."

The AAP leader said even Modi admitted in his Goa speech that only a few lakh people were dishonest. Then why was the entire country being punished, he asked.

He warned that the country's economy was dwindling because of the crisis, which was evident from serpentine queues outside all banks and ATM booths.

"If law and order problems crop up, it will become difficult to control the situation, Modiji," he said.

Calling the demonetisation a "very poorly implemented scheme", Kejriwal said: "Ever since this order has come, there is panic in every household."
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