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‘Role of company secys has grown immensely’

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NEW DELHI: The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has awarded Company Law Board (CLB) Chairman Justice Dilip Raosaheb Deshmukh its associate and honorary  membership at the ICSI Northern Region convocation in New Delhi.
In his address on the occasion, Justice Deshmukh said that we all recognise the critical role that education and good governance play in the development of a nation. Being the prime mover of a country's progress, it is a critical role that young professionals need to play in the development and governance of the corporate sector.
India is in the process of fast and radical change, a process which is unstoppable, he observed, adding that change is occurring at very different speeds in each segment of society, The complexity of Indian society — as embodied in division and sub-division by geography, religion, caste, class, gender employment — calls for a careful monitoring and deft steering.
The successful management of this change is the biggest challenge of our times, he pointed out, explaining that it is our response to this challenge that will determine the destiny of India as a nation.
'Today company secretary is called the gate keeper, the conscience keeper, the time keeper. All the various compliancess that need to be adhered to lie on the shoulders of the person who is working as a company secretary,' said Justice Deshmukh.
'And I think that increasingly over the last decade in India, the iob, the profile, the scope of work, the importance of the responsibilities that the company secretary handles has grown by leaps and bounds.'
In his presidential address, The ICSI Council President S N Ananthasubramanian congratulated the new members. 'We are entering a world that increasingly rewards individual aspiration and persistence and can measure precisely who is contributing and who is not,' he pointed out. It is in this context that this 2nd  ICSI Annual Convocation is being held.'
'Before starting to invest in one's self, a SAP-Self Awareness Program to identify traits, angularities, sweet spots, strengths etc should be undertaken. This investment can be anything. It may be in the form of additional languages, grooming skills, dramatics, music and much more. As one grows in life, the need is to keep reinventing himself.'
Around 400 students were awarded The ICSI associate and honourary membership and  15 received merit awards.
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