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Robin Williams inspired me for Frozen: Josh Gad

Actor Josh Gad, who voiced goofy snowman Olaf in the Oscar-winning animated film Frozen, said Robin Williams inspired him when he first began reading for the character.

Gad, 33, who grew up watching Disney’s 1992 classic animated movie Aladdin where Williams voiced Genie, said the movie was one of his proudest achievements, reported the Huffington Post. “Seeing what Robin Williams did with that role, god bless his soul, it was one of those things where it just really, really, really inspired me.

“I knew I wanted to do that, I wanted to create this comic relief, this force of nature like that, one day in an animated movie,” he said.

Gad did not even audition for the role, and was attached to the film before it the film was titled Frozen. “At that time it was called Anna and The Snow Queen, and I was brought in to read the role of Olaf, which was the only existing character that actually lasted when they changed it to Frozen,”
said Gad.
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