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Robbers loot trader’s house in Tamluk

Robbers barged into the house of a trader at Tamluk on Saturday night 
and looted valuables worth Rs 12 lakh.

Police said, the robbers broke the lock of the door and rushed into the house and threatened the house owners at gun point.

They beat up the owner of the house, Sanjay Singh, a local trader and he fell into the floor. The dacoits, then tied him with a beam.

They then confined them inside the washroom. The dacoits, at first took the key from the owner and opened the door of the almirah. They took Rs 5 lakh in cash and ornaments valued around Rs 7-8 lakh.

“They went at large with all the valuables within an hour,” said a police officer.

The trader was rushed to the hospital, by his neighbours and he was admitted there in critical condition. The police started an investigation and a raid has been initiated around the vicinities.

“Our sniffer dog got the trail and ran for some distance. We have identified the route via which those 
robbers had fled. But the dog lost the trail in the middle. The robbers may have sound knowledge about the local roads,” an investigation officer added.

The locals started to demonstrate in front of the local police station alleging the negligence of police and demanded the robbers’ arrests.

“They may be local youths. Some local youth have stated robbery to get money. They were also 
drug addicts. They need money to get the drugs. 

Police knew all these things, but they did not take any step against them,” said a local resident.

However, Singh, a reputed businessman in the area, alleged the robbers came to kill him.

“They came to kill me at my home. I think, the basic intention was to murder me and loot the valuables,” Singh said from the hospital.

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