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Robbers loot jewellery shop in Durgapur

Robbers beat up two employees of the jewellery shop and looted gold ornaments worth Rs 30 lakh in Durgapur. The close circuit cameras (CCTVs) of the shop were also damaged by the robbers. The police called up finger print experts, to collect the fingerprints to get a clue about the identities of the robbers.

Police said, Raja Majumder and Samar Hazra, two workers of the shop were sleeping at night when the dacoits barged into the shop. They tied those employees with light posts before beating them up.

The robbers then, broke the lock and entered into the shop to steal jewelleries from the showcase.
They hit the CCTVs with bamboo sticks and also took away the hard disks before leaving the place.

“They must be known to the owner of the shop. They knew all positions and position of the lockers as well. They knew that CCTVs was installed and it needed to be broken and also that hard disks had to be removed from there,” said an investigating officer.

“We have taken the statement of two employees and portrait parley of robbers were done. The sniffer dog has indicated some lead of the investigation and we are working on that,” said the officer.

However, a police source confirmed that the robbers had earlier come to the shop in disguise of customers. They had observed shop very well.

“Some insiders in the shop may have given some information to the robbers. We cannot divulge details before the investigation matured a bit,” said the investigating officer.

It is to be remembered that four jewellery shops were looted a few months ago in the same locality. Police caught two robbers in connection with the case. “There were four robbers who were involved in those robberies. Two of them are still absconding. They may form any new gang,” said the officer.

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