Robbers had information about money, say police

The police on Wednesday said investigation revealed that the gang of robbers raided the residence of a dentist at Naktala on Tuesday after getting information that a huge amount of money was kept in the house which the doctor’s in-laws had received after letting out a land to a real estate developer.

Both the parents-in-law of the doctor had been staying on the ground floor of the house for the past 10 months. 

Dr Ranabir Sinha told the investigating officers that four men between the age group of 25 to 30 years raided the house. 

The person, who appeared to be their leader, had repeatedly enquired him about two elderly people present in the house and they entered the room on the ground floor. 

“They had only searched the room in the ground floor and fled after getting whatever they found in the room. They were also carrying fire arms. They would have easily searched the rooms on the first floor of the house if their only motive was robbery,” said an investigating officer, adding that the accused knew about the money received by the elderly couple. 

But they were unaware that the dentist was their son-in-law. While searching the room, the criminals enquired about the money asking “where the elderly couple had kept the money”? 

They even threatened the couple to say where they had kept it. 

However, the traumatised couple had failed to say anything to the robbers. 

Finally, they locked them in a toilet and fled. From the very beginning, the criminals had targeted the couple’s almirah. They had forced them to open its locker.

Investigation further revealed that the four accused came on a motorbike. Three of them entered the house, while the other was waiting outside. All three of them were speaking in Bengali. 

Police suspect the accused came to know that the elderly couple had received the money from someone close to the real estate developer. 

Thus the developer would be questioned in this connection if needed, said a police officer.
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