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Road block: Experts advise alternate route to plug potholes in capital

On the 61st Founders Day of the Central Roads Research Institute (CRRI), experts recommended the use of alternative technologies to improve the pot-holed roads of the capital, especially during the monsoon.

'Rains spell severe trouble for Indian road users, as traffic movement is affected by the water-logging that is a common phenomenon. The pot-holed roads add to the woe.  To overcome this challenge, roads agencies need a shift in the strategy employed to maintain roads  and start using alternative materials which ensure faster repairs,' says an expert at Central Roads Research Institute, government of India.

'It is essential that we look at using alternative materials including cold mix, warm mix and fly ash that can be used for construction and repair work, in a smarter, cost-effective ways,' said P K Jain, chief scientist, CRRI.
Traditionally, Indian agencies have been using hot mix for repair work, which does not work in wet conditions, causing inordinate delays in repairing potholes.

Dr S Gangopadhyay, director, CRRI, added, 'In recent years some innovative bitumen-based emulsion technologies have demonstrated their ability in meeting the challenges of carbon credit, economy and environmental concerns and consequently various standards and specifications have also been brought out on those aspects. There is a clear benefit in the use of emulsion based cold mix and half-warm technologies which can bring about durable and sustainable development of roads in India.'

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