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Rio employees accused of stealing London documents

Rio employees accused of  stealing London documents
In an embarrassing episode for the host of the next Summer Olympics, several employees of Rio de Janeiro’s 2016 committee were caught stealing files from British organisers during the London Games.

London’s organising committee said on Friday that Rio employees, working alongside London staff in the technology department, had downloaded internal documents without authorisation. The Brazilians were working with London organisers during the 27 July-12 August games as part of an official ‘transfer of knowledge programme’ between Olympic host cities.

‘I can confirm there was an incident involving members of the Rio team who accessed and removed files without permission,’ London spokeswoman Jackie Brock-Doyle said.  ‘We reported it to Rio management. They acted quickly to resolve the issue and return the files.’ The Rio employees involved in the theft were removed from the London programme. The nature and content of the London files was not immediately known.


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