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Right on the beats

Right on the beats
India International Centre has witnessed numerous classical dance performances which have been a connoisseur's delight. Thursday night (8 May) was no different as renowed danseuse Meenu Thakur presented Bhamakalapam, the story of Satyabhama, the second consort of Lord Krishna, in Khuchipudi style. The dancer enthralled the audience by her emotive facial expressions and smooth feet movements. 

 One of the leading Kuchupudi exponents, Thakur's dance style represents a combination of the feature of Purusha Sampradaya (original male dance tradition) of Kuchipudi and its Anuroopa (transformation of the male dance style into female interpretation). The dancer subtly captured the jealously, vanity, envy and anger of the divine damsel, while beautifully depicting the oneness of Atma and Paramatma. Thakur maintained the same energy that she displays in all her adroitly with accompanying music.

 Though not a native speaker of Telegu, Thakur endered dialogues fluently. The accompanying music complemented the dancer's beautiful movements in the Kuchipudi dramatic narrative. Vasudevan's melodious rendition of Bhamane Satyabhamane was ably complemented by Rajat Prasanna on the flute, Tanjavur Kesavan on the Mridangam and Guru Jayarama Rao on the Nattuvangam.
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