Rickshaw-puller spends hard earned money on youth’s treatment

Rickshaw-puller spends hard earned money on youth’s treatment
A van rickshaw-puller from a small village in North 24-Parganas has set an exemplary specimen of hospitality as he spent his hard earned money for the treatment of a youth, whom he had rescued in a distressed condition eight months ago. 

The van-rickshaw puller took the unknown youth to his house and spent all his earning in last eight months for the youth’s treatment. 

The incident has attracted the attention of the neighbouring villagers who have started visiting Ulagram, where the van-rickshaw puller and his family members are still extending their hospitality to the youth. 

Ulagram is a village in Kadambagachi under North 24-Parganas. 

Around eight months ago the villagers from Ulagram found the youth lying in an unconscious state with some wounds on his body. 

But none came forward to help him probably assuming that they could land up in trouble if they pick him up or send him to a nearby health centre. Villagers in large number visited the place to see the unknown youth but none of them bothered to take to a health centre. 

The youth was finally rescued by Sattar Ali, the Good Samaritan, who picked him up on his van-rickshaw and took him to a health centre situated few miles away from the place. After being treated at the health centre the youth gained consciousness. The doctors in the health centre told Sattar that the patient had gone through some trauma and thus he could not remember his identity. The doctors advised Sattar that only thing the patient needed was the love and care from their dear ones. 

As he found no other option, Sattar took him to his house with a pledge that they will extend their hospitality to the youth and help him to get his memory back. 

He never gave a thought how could he provide him food and bear the cost of his treatment. 

Sattar is the only bread earner of his family. He earns a living for his wife and four children by pulling van-rickshaw. 

His daily income is anything between Rs 100-120. It was never easy for him to spend his daily income for the treatment of another person.

When the poverty stricken family members could not decide their mind as what to do with the youth whose identity was not even clear. Sattar’s wife Rehana Bibi told him that she could help him with the money she had saved in last 5 years. 

Rehana saved the amount with a dream to establish their children beyond their own. 

Sattar had no choice other than accepting his wife’s proposal. 

In last eight months Sattar and his family members treated him, took care of his health, extended care and hospitality, taken him to the health centers for check up. 

Now the youth has gained his memory partially as he told Sattar that his name is Biswanath Mondal and he is a resident of a village in South 24-Parganas. But he could not remember why he was brought to Ulagram. 

Sattar said that they have come forward to help a person in distress. They money that they had saved was used for a good cause. They are now preparing to hand over Biswanath to his family members.
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