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Rhythmic ode to teacher

Rhythmic ode to teacher
The Guru shishya custom has been existing since time immemorial. A guru is instrumental in imparting knowledge.

Carrying forward the legacy, Nritya Vilasa, an Odissi dance festival, has been organised to honour dancer Vani Madhav guru Sudhakar Sahu, supported by Nritya Dhara an Odissi dance academy in the Capital.

Jyoti Srivastva [manglacharan], Vani Madhav [abhinay], Alpana Nayak [vichitra varna] and Anita Babu [Nava rata] are going to dedicate their recitals to their respective gurus.

‘All that I have achieved so far, I owe it to my guru Sudhakar. His teachings, thoughts and blessings have always played a major role in my success. I wish that it goes on like this,’ said Vani Madhav, performer and director, Nritya Dhara.

For the past three years, the festival is celebrating the journey of guru and shishya. But this year, for the first time dancers are going to dedicate their performance to their respective gurus.

‘No disciple can exist without a guru. A disciple is incomplete without his teacher’s teachings. Hence we are dedicating our skills to our guruji in our dance performance,’ explained Vani.

‘I am extremely overwhelmed and speechless with this honour given to me by my disciple. Such respect and recognition given to a guru is a rarity these days. My best wishes are always with her,’ said Guru Sudhakar Sahu.

Nritya Vilasa, a message-centric festival, aims to keep our tradition and art form intact. It focusses on giving respect and credit to the teachers.

‘I have been working for the past 30 years with my guru. He has taught me tactics, skills and brought me to this level of perfection,’ marked Vani.

‘My dance is a priceless contribution of my guru. He is just next to God for me,’ Vani concluded.


At:  Habitat World, India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road
When: 13 September 
Timings: 7 Pm onwards
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