RFI comes up with country’s lightest revolver ‘Nidar’

RFI comes up with country’s lightest  revolver ‘Nidar’
In view of deteriorating law and order situation throughout the country, Rifle Factory Ishapore (RFI) has come up with a lighter version of 0.22” revolver. 

Nidar, the 0.22” revolver, is one of the premier Indian Small Arms and the RFI will be selling it to its dealers as well as to individual customers. Just a person needs to have a valid arms license to buy the revolver. Those interested can apply to buy after logging into the website rfi.nic.in.

From Tuesday onward, the RFI authorities have started selling the revolver. Hundreds of arms dealers from different parts of the country were present in a programme that was organised to launch the revolver.

According to the arms dealers there is a high demand of such small arms and it is expected that a good number of Nidar will get sold within a short time. Nidar is a revolver of 0.22”calibre and the unique feature of the revolver is its light weight. It weighs around 250 grams.

The revolver with a capacity of loading 8 bullets has a range of 7 metre and the most interested part of the gun is that the barrel is only 40.3 mm in length. 

According to the RFI authorities, beside security agencies Nidar is a unique revolver for the use of an individual for personal safety. Even it’s easy for a woman to carry.

The defence ministry has given the clearance to manufacture the revolver after the terror attack in Pathankot or else it would have taken much more time to hit the market. 

An arms dealer from Punjab said: “Often people come to the outlet and ask for small guns with a capacity to load more bullets. Thus Nidar will be the first choice of such customers. Often we listen in news that a woman is attacked. In a bid to save guard themselves women can easily carry the revolver in their wallets.”

Moreover with the increase in number of law and order incidents in the country, Nidar will also be helpful for officers of the security forces.
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