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Revisiting the old temples

Revisiting the old temples
The multimedia presentation produced by the IGNCA is the result of nearly two decades of research and scholarship. Using the latest available technology tools, the intense research has been converted into a ready reference DVD format. A set of seven DVDs that detail every aspect of the temple – from floor plan to iconography to rituals and festivals relating to the temple was also launched at the event.

On the occasion an exhibition titled Brhadisvara: The Monument and the Living Tradition was also unveild. The Brhadisvara temple is acclaimed as the finest achievement of Chola art, built by Raja Raja I in 1010 A.D. The architecture, sculptures, paintings, bronze images, the idols and reliefs portray artistic excellence. On account of its distinct form and beauty it has been inscribed by the UNESCO as a world heritage monument. It is regarded as the landmark in the evolution of building art in India.

Dynasties such as the Pandyas, Nayaka and Marathas significantly have contributed important additions to this temple, without marring the original lay out. Brhadisvara temple remained a royal temple since its construction and a centre for worship and living traditions. Selected paintings from Chola period, architectural drawings, and paper impressions of the inscriptions (epigraphical records) were displayed at the exhibition.
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