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Rethinking pop art

Rethinking pop art
Largely influenced by her education at the American School in New Delhi, followed by her Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in USA, Jain’s art is reminiscent of some of the much celebrated artists of the eras past.With her third monographic exhibition, titled Cartwheels in Your Honour, the artist calls for a re-reading of Pop Art in the Indian contemporary art scene. Millennium Post talks to Jain about her art and more. Read on…

What is the inspiration behind the show?
The Dasavatar and the fact that we take spirituality too seriously - we need to make it a part of our daily lives.

How much time does it take to complete each painting?
This varies – sometimes the painting falls together very quickly, other times it takes longer. Additionally, it’s the process used for each work also varies, which may affect the duration of completing a work.

Tell us about the medium used for paintings?
A broad list of media come into play. I use acrylic paints, oils, pastels, canvas, board, collage material ranging from images cut out of books, or magazines, found objects, fabric, anything really, which serves to communicate my ideas.
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