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Rest in pieces!

Cheesy humour and a huge dose dose of testosterone are what you get in Expendables 2. If you are wondering how cheesy, get this: Stallone’s character, Barney Ross, riddles a man with bullets and goes ‘rest in pieces’. Really.

The story limps along, its main motive is to showcase the ‘talents’ of various macho stars in their trigger happy adventure. So we go to someplace in Albania, where a simple mission of retrieving something from a plane wreck – which Ross is arm twisted into by Bruce Willis, who plays the CIA operative – turns sour when Jean Claude Van Damme walks in with Russian accented English and lethal intent. What started off as a reluctant mission is now out-for-revenge saga: the Expendables lose the youngest member – and of course, the sentimentalist – of the team. Ross and his band of muscled men chase the villain, who in turn pushes the villagers turned forced labourers to retrieve the plutonium at record speed.

The Expendables catch up with villain, give him his due kicks and punches and get back the plutonium before it fall into bad hands. The wisp of a woman, who plays the technician sent along with the team, Maggie Chan [played by Yu Nan], could hardly put a dent in this all-male adventure. She tries but. The repartees between these mucho machismo stars sometimes does manage to tickle our funny bone – though it was unintentional at times. But what’s with Schwarzenegger: how could he possibly think he could get away with ‘I’ll be back’ still?

Even if you are a heavy duty action fan, make sure you leave your brains behind. It wouldn’t need that for Expendables 2. If flexing muscles is not your kind of thing, just skip this film.
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