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Responsibility lies on us after UN recognition of Yoga: Bal Krishna

Yoga teacher Baba Ramdev and his close aide Acharya Bal Krishna’s role has also become vital. Talking to Millennium Post’s Sandeep Bankhwal, Bal Krishna shared his views on Yoga and its rising popularity worldwide.

How do you relate yoga and better health?

Yoga is not only an exercise; it teaches us how to live a healthy and stress-free life. Millions of people around the world have benefitted from this traditional art of India, and it’s our motto to teach yoga to each and every person of this nation to build a healthy and cheerful nation.
How do you plan to make locals in Uttarakhand self-reliant?

Let me tell you first, we have almost completed World Herbal Encyclopedia, a document of herbal plants. It was a marathon job, but our team worked really hard for it. Approximately, 55,000 medicinal plants are used for various ailments worldwide. There are more than 60 educational methods in Ayurvedic study.

But the Botanical Survey of India (BIS) doesn’t have authentic data on these medicinal plants.  India is home to 15,000-20,000 herbal plants which amounts to one-third of this planet. In the Himalayan state Uttarakhand, 10,000 plants are identified and search for more is in process. Due to its rich biodiversity, this state is the center of medicinal plants. But sincere efforts have not been made to make it a herbal state.

How successful is Ayurveda in the treatment of serious diseases?
Ayurveda protects us if we adopt the right lifestyle as mentioned in this traditional and old method. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming victims of one or the other disease due to wrong food habits, lethargic living routine and moving away from the nature. We are hundred percent successful in the treatment of many serious diseases like piles and fistula. Critical patients who lost all hopes from allopathic treatment come here at last. Even the patients from abroad are coming to us for treatment.

Some claim that Patanjali Kendra is trying to spread its marketing via Khadi Gram Udhyog. Is it true?

 Khadi Gram Udhyog is already sustaining on the government’s subsidy. The central government asked us to give new life to already sick government unit regarding research and development. Some spread rumors that Baba Ramdev will expand his business empire via this platform. We are already doing brisk business in our herbal medicines segment as there is ever-growing demand for medicinal plants in the market. We don’t need support of any other marketing platform to boost marketing of our products.

How and why age-old Vaidya culture is on verge of death?
Vaidyas were thriving mainly in remote areas as this mode of treatment was economical and effective too. But experienced Vaidyas never share their knowledge with others. And, their next generation took no interest in carrying the art forward. Moreover, government doesn’t give patronage to them legally or in any other manner. These are the reasons for their sharp decline.  

UN has already declared June 21 as World Yoga Day. How do you plan to make it more popular worldwide?
This day will give the message of health and longevity by providing holistic approach to well-being. Baba Ramdev has inexorably worked to bring already forgotten Ayurveda into the mainstream of medical treatment. He has already said that Ayurveda should be declared as the main treatment method in the daily lives of our people. PM Modi has also acknowledged the work of Swamiji and is working hard to make it more popular and acceptable among the common masses. We are working in a systematic manner to celebrate this day with the support and involvement of crores of people worldwide.

Recently, PMO has invited inputs and suggestions on how to celebrate ‘International Yoga Day’ at the official site. Any citizen can suggest and share his/her idea to celebrate this day in a more effective manner.
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