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Replacing ordinances with Bills govt’s priority: Naidu

Replacing ordinances with Bills govt’s priority: Naidu
Passing bills to replace ordinances promulgated in the inter-session period will be government’s priority in the coming week of budget session, Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said here Sunday.

“Bills to replace six ordinances on different issues will be taken up first in the Lok Sabha,” Naidu told reporters. “Business Advisory Committees of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have discussed the legislative business proposed by the government for the second week of parliament session and alloted time for different bills,” he said.

According to the parliamentary affairs ministry, two of the bills - The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2015 and The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill 2014 - have been listed for consideration and passing in Lok Sabha Monday.

Statutory Resolutions disapproving the ordinances will be also be taken up along with the bills.
Once through Lok Sabha, the government aims to take the bills to the upper house in the same week. According to a statement by the parliamentary affairs ministry, Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2015 and The Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Bill 2015 have also been listed for introduction Monday.

A bill to replace the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Ordinance has been listed for introduction in the Lok Sabha Tuesday.

The sixth and most controversial ordinance to amend land acquisition act has already been introduced in Lok Sabha. The statement, however, did not mention when it will be taken up for consideration and passing.

Among other bills, The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation (Amendment) Bill 2015 is listed for introduction in the Lok Sabha Monday. The Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Orders (Amendment) Bill 2015 which has been passed by the Rajya Sabha last week will also be taken up in the lower house.
The bills to be taken up in the Rajya Sabha include The Companies (Amendment) Bill 2014 and The Regional Rural Banks (Amendment) Bill 2014. The government has also proposed consideration and passing of Delhi High Court (Amendment) Bill 2014.

In the Rajya Sabha, the government last week failed to withdraw three bills pertaining to allocation of coal mines through open bidding, introduction of e-rikshaws and hiking FDI in Insurance sector as opposition members were against it.Naidu, however, said the bills are “infuctuous” and government has the right to bring new bills in Lok Sabha.
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