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Remembering the Roots

 MPost |  2016-09-17 21:12:31.0  |  New Delhi

Remembering the Roots

The interaction, which involved various national and international scholars, artists, and speakers well-versed in the cultural aspects of Indo-Persian arts specially in miniature painting and manuscripts, was organised by AAMAD Dance Center.

Shanta Sarbjeet Singh, the senior art critic and former Vice Chairman, Sangeet Natya Academy was the chief guest on the first day of the event. One of the eminent speakers on the occasion, Narmada Prasad Upadhyaya from Indore, spoke on the topic of ‘Dou Bhaye Ek Rang’- a tradition of Indo-Persian miniature painting in the context of North Indian dance. 

Latif Bolat form Turkey discussed about the Silk Road cultural bridge between east and west whereas, Mirza M Arif from Delhi, highlighted how Amir Khusrau was  an innovator in various fields of arts and culture with a flavour of North India. The entire event was moderated by Arshiya Sethi.

The second day of the seminar was chaired by Chetana Jyotishi Beohar from Khairagarh, who expressed her views on Wajid Ali Shah and his innovations and contributions to music through Kathak. Furthermore, Alka Pande foregrounded the topic ‘The pleasure of sartorial: the dandy nawab Wajid Ali Shah’. Later, Ravindra Mishra talked about Shufiyat and Shringar of those times. The session was facilitated by Navina Jafa.

The Indo-Persian culture holds high relevance for Indian performers and artists in history due to its association with Amir Khusrau and Wajid Ali Shah. The royaly associated duo– Amir Khusrau as a prolific classical poet and Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Awadh– gifted with brilliance and committed ethical way of living, have had pervading effect on the arts, music, dance, the language, architecture and other manifestations of culture of that period.

The northern dance style Kathak emerged as the greatest benchmark in reciting the legacy. Kathak is practiced by northerners where they recite a story or instance with graceful footwork, hand gesture and facial expressions.



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