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Religious roil: Sub-groups of Sikh sect clash at Kirti Nagar gurudwara

Two groups from the Namdhari Sikh community clashed in west Delhi’s Kirti Nagar on Thursday morning. No casualties were reported.
According to sources, 'The incident took place inside a Gurudwara between two groups of the Namdhari sect, followers of Guru Jagjit Singh. The groups had clashed over a difference in opinion and ideology a few days back.’

But the clash turned ugly on Thursday when approximately 150 members of one of the groups came from Punjab  and gave the difference a violent turn.

According to a source,   trouble started at 9 am and the situation continued to be tense till four in the afternoon. 150 members of one of the groups entered a gurudwara where members of the other group were praying, with guns and kirpans to attack the devotees.  

The other group informed the police and a team of officials rushed to the spot. ‘There were no reports of serious injuries. No arrests have been made yet', said an official investigating the case.

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