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Relationship Dilemmas

Relationship Dilemmas
My parents got divorced when I was 6 years old. I live with my father. My mother is remarried and I really miss her presence in my daily life. I’m 15 now. What to do?

Devika, Nagpur

There’s nothing much to do. You can perhaps express yourself to your parents and take turns to live with them. The understanding has to be clear from their end. You must spend quality time with both your parents and request them to help you sort out your life and be a happy soul.

I have two daughters aged 4 and 8. My in–laws are insisting for a third child as they want a son in the family. I am very nervous. Don’t know what to do now!

Name unknown

What is the assurance that the next child will be a boy child? I understand your mental condition. But, dear woman, please don’t let these old school ideas rule and ruin you. There is no difference between a boy or a girl! It all depends on the upbringing. Be firm on your decision and don’t let anyone else take charge of such a personal decision.

An unknown guy is texting me every day. He sends poems and romantic lines. I’m curious about him but not sure how to deal with this. Can you help?

Miss Jasmine, New Delhi

Just don’t get into this trap of faceless infatuations. Most of the times, the reality is far away from expectation. Don’t give into anyone based on such frivolous communication. Try to find out the identity of the sender and be very cautious. Life is not a fantasy trip but a realistic one.

I had physical intimacy with my cousin when I last visited my aunt abroad. He is 6 years older than me and I’m 17. I feel terribly guilty and don’t know how to face him again!

Name unknown

Well, it’s upto you what you want to do! The options are simple – forget it like a sweet dream or a bitter nightmare or else, live with the guilt forever. If you are uncomfortable looking back, then I sincerely suggest you to delete the memory as soon as you can. The encounter should be forgotten and treated more like an accident. Don’t be guilty and just move on.

I want to get out of my marriage. I don’t love him at all. We had an arranged marriage last year. How should I approach him?

Shainaa M, New Delhi

Try to hold on. Give your best to your relation and don’t decide on divorce only because you feel you don’t love him. Love is a strange game. You never know when the cupids play their cards. Try to start the relation with your heart and take some more time to understand yourself. A divorce is easy to pronounce but sometimes difficult to bear.                                                                                                                                          
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